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DEAFHEAVEN's New Song "Canary Yellow" Is Everything You Love About DEAFHEAVEN

Posted by on June 12, 2018 at 1:14 pm

Deafheaven will release their new album Ordinary Corrupt Human Love on July 13 and they've released yet another lengthy single from the effort. "Canary Yellow" is nearly 13 minutes of positive black metal-sounding Deafheaven goodness that pretty much won't change their fan base one bit. You're either on board with this by now or you're not. I am a little disappointed in Deafheaven though for burying a very cool clean vocal bit way, way at the back of this song when realistically it could've been a nice focal point.

Th song also has a  nice visualizer to go along with it, so hooray for that. Deafheaven will be touring come July with Uniform and Drab Majesty, and you can check those dates out here.

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