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MARILYN MANSON Invites Fan Onstage, Makes Him Take Off His AVENGED SEVENFOLD Shirt

Posted by on July 10, 2018 at 10:09 am

Marilyn Manson live shows can be either great or troubling. There was the time he had a simulated assault rifle microphone and that time he broke his leg on stage, and that was just in the last year.

Today, a new video has surfaced showing Manson inviting some fans on stage during his performance at Download Festival in Madrid, Spain on June 28th. One of the fans has an Avenged Sevenfold shirt on. Avenged is playing immediately after Manson. Most rock stars would brush it off and just keep the show going, but not Manson. "You should take your shirt off. It's not my band, it's a different band. You can wear that flag instead of the shirt." The fan was holding a flag of Peru.

A fan on Reddit noted that the crowd's reception to Manson was pretty sour and most people were there for Avenged Sevenfold. Could it be that Manson was bitter that he was not headlining and taking it out on this poor, unsuspecting fan?

This is grade A rockstar shit, where the rock star just comes off petty and insecure. Unlike the time KISS made a reporter take off their shirt, this was done on stage at a festival in front of thousands of people. Ironically, KISS and Manson have their own history.

Who knew Marilyn Manson was so insecure?

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