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CRADLE OF FILTH To Release Never-Before-Heard 1995 Album In July

Posted by on April 15, 2016 at 10:16 am

In 1996, Cradle of Filth released its much-loved record Dusk.. And Her Embrace, but did you know that what you're hearing isn't actually the original version of that record? The record was originally recorded in 1995 and was called The Original Sin, but lawsuits and a band split caused the record to never be released in its original format… until now.

The band has taken to Facebook to announce that The Original Sin, in all its 1995 glory, will be released this July via Cacophonous Records!


Cradle Of Filth begin writing for their next album (due date Autumn 2017e.h) over the next few months, and the band are intrigued as to what fans are expecting/keen on, both in direction, theme and sound.

Obviously we're going to partially ignore the naysayers who want everything to sound exactly like Cradle 1996 -the never-before-released version of 'Dusk.. And Her Embrace' subtitled 'The Original Sin'(1995) is out in July via Cacophonous Records, by the way- but everything will be taken onboard, baring in mind that people understand that the band is Cradle Of Filth 2016, and one that will be expanding on the continued success of last year's 'Hammer Of The Witches'.

And we are definitely curious, so please fire away…

On another tract, please also vote for us to be crowned best UK band (see elsewhere on this page) in this year's Metal Hammer Golden Gods awards categories and save the world from the usual expected fare!

Cool! Plus, new Cradle of Filth in 2017 is mildly exciting, or as excited as one can be after being notified they'll still have to wait a year and a half to hear some new material. Though to the band's credit, Hammer of the Witches was a damn fine record.

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