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Check Out This Compilation Of 26 Lesser-Known Doom & Metal Bands From The Detroit Area

Posted by on February 23, 2019 at 12:32 pm

Doomed & Stoned has always done a pretty great job picking a location and digging up some seriously good music from there. Doomed & Stoned In Detroit is no different, as the site has compiled music from 26 bands local to the area such as Lava Moth, Bison Machine, Seritas, White Magician, Temple Of Void, Failed, Voyag3r and way more for your enjoyment.

Here's what curator Dan McCormick had to say about the compilation. Grab it here after you stream it below, and be sure to check out the other comps Doomed & Stoned has done.

As a native of Michigan, it was nearly impossible growing up to escape it's diverse art and culture. One of my earliest musical influences was Motown. Only later did I discover Mc5, The Stooges, Alice Cooper and Grand Funk Railroad. As a teenager, I began following local punk rock and metal bands only to be drawn deeper down the rabbit hole. An introduction to doom metal and stoner rock in my early twenties had me searching for more.

By the 2000’s a wave of such bands were making it through Detroit, Lansing and Grand Rapids. It was a golden era for heavy music in the state until the Great Recession hit the Midwest. This created somewhat of a void. As a result a new underground scene has emerged across the state coinciding with a resurgence of heavy metal. Detroit has become an epicenter for this movement. A new wave of bands influenced by the heavy '70s, stoner rock, doom and metal are creating this scene.

With a focus on Detroit and surrounding Michigan bands, Doomed and Stoned presents the latest in a series dedicated to documenting heavy music across the globe.

Dan McCormick (Cruthu)
Currater, Doomed & Stoned in Detroit

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