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Rob Zombie Unveils Poster For New Horror Film, 31; Gets R Rating

Posted by on January 7, 2016 at 4:24 pm

This is a busy year for Rob Zombie. He's got a new official pinball table and he's about to premiere his highly-anticipated, crowd-funded, new Halloween slasher film 31 at Sundance.

Zombie was having problems with the film securing anything less than an NC-17 rating, because I guess it's too gory for Hollywood's standards? Well, the good news today is that Zombie has been able to secure an R rating.

The poster ewas released today and they offered this description of the film:

“Five friends are kidnapped on the day before Halloween and are held hostage in a terrifying place named Murder World. While trapped, they must play a violent game called 31, in which the mission is to survive 12 hours against a gang of evil clowns.“

The movie, which stars Sheri Moon Zombie, Malcolm McDowell, Richard Brake, Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs, Jeff Daniel Phillips, and Meg Foster, does not yet have a release date, but I expect it to come out around Halloween.

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